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Emergency Management is Planning to Save Your Life


Mitigation Activities


2016 Madison County Natural Hazards Mitgation Plan download page

The Emergency Management definition of mitigation is: Any activity which reduces the degree of long-term risk to human life and property from natural and technological/man-made hazards. This includes measures to alleviate the effects of hazards by protecting people and property.

Mitigation activities cannot prevent a disaster from occurring, but can minimize the effects of the disaster upon people and property.

Mitigation activities occur before the emergency or disaster; eliminate or reduce the probability of occurrence; and include actions to postpone, dissipate, or lessen the effect.

A few examples of mitigation activities are:

• Ensuring that effective flood control ordinances are in place

• Zoning flood prone areas for non-residential use

• Making certain that houses and other facilities are built to specifications outlined in the Standard Building Code, published by the Southern Building Code Congress International, and Zoning Ordinances adopted by a municipality's City Council

• Ensuring that the siren warning system is effective in warning the public of emergencies, so they may take appropriate actions to protect themselves

Planning Departments have maps available which show the zoning requirements within their municipality.

Additionally, Engineering Departments as well as Emergency Management have maps which depict flood prone areas in Madison County.

For more information concerning zoning ordinances, please contact your local planning department. For more information concerning sound building construction, please contact your local inspection department. For more information concerning flood prone areas, contact your local City Engineering Department or Community Planning Department. If their is not a local planning department, engineering department, or inspection department in your area, please contact the Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Agency. We will direct you to the appropriate agency within your jurisdiction.


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